The Society has a current membership of 548. Following completion in September of membership renewals for our 2018-19 programme year we are near full capacity and may shortly need to set up a fresh waiting list.

Anyone wishing to join the Society should contact our Membership Secretary Ann Voase by E-mail via  Potential members are also welcome to first attend one of our monthly lectures as a paying visitor.

Members may also invite a guest to a lecture twice a year at a cost of £7 per lecture.

Full Members

Our annual subscription is currently £35 and covers a programme of 11 lectures.  Members are able to seperately purchase tickets for our Visits programme, Special Interest Days, and social events as they are promoted during the year - prices vary according to the event and location. 

Membership renewal invitations and forms, together with information on our programme for the next year, are sent to existing members every July with 15th September being the final date for return. Once a completed form and membership subscription are returned, the Membership Secretary will mail out a new programme card and a membership card for the ensuing year. 

New Members

If there is availability within our maximum capacity, membership applications will be addressed during the year as they are received.  If we are oversubscribed and a Waiting List has been created, applicants on that list will receive relevant forms and information in August/September, once it has been ascertained how many places are available.  When forms, together with membership subscriptions, are returned to the Membership Secretary, a programme and a membership card are mailed. We hold a New Members drinks party immediately following our November lecture.

Waiting List Members

When requests for membership are made, the Membership Secretary will either send out the New Members' application pack or, if the Society has its full complement of 550 members, a Waiting List application letter and form. On receipt of the form and waiting list subscription, a programme summary will be mailed. The Waiting list subscription is £7 per year.

To apply for membership please contact: