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08 April 2020THE BED IN ART: from Titian to Emin
15 April 2020Special Interest Day: DRESSED TO IMPRESS - codes and messages in the language of clothes
06 May 2020HOW DID HE PAINT THAT ?: an introduction to technical art history
17 June 2020DAVID BOMBERG'S LOST LEGACY: a master painter and his students
01 July 2020JEWELLED JOURNEYS: the art of opulent travel
02 September 2020FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE: from letters, diaries amd portraits

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THE BED IN ART: from Titian to Emin Marie-Anne Mancio Wednesday 08 April 2020

Regrettably it has been necessary to cancel this lecture on account of Coronavirus

The bed has been the site of multiple encounters in art from Titian’s stunning mythologies through Manet’s Olympia, to Picasso’s nudes, and the object of Tracey Emin’s infamous ‘My Bed.’ But if the bed has been linked to passion, it has also been linked to death and this lecture explores its manifestations in the art of Caravaggio, Munch, Klimt, and others.