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04 March 2020MAZARIN CHEST TO MADAME BUTTERFLY: the fashion for Japan in Europe
08 January 2020LES PARISIENNES: how women lived, loved and died in paris 1939-49
06 November 2019PUGS' PROGRESS: from William Hogarth to Grayson Perry
23 October 2019Special Interest Day: SICILY - the kingdom in the sun
02 October 2019A DECORATIVE ART: the history of wallpaper.
04 September 2019LAWRENCE OF ARABIA: tortured hero of troubled times
03 July 2019DAVID HOCKNEY: blondes have more fun
19 June 2019A PHOTOGRAPHIC ODYSSEY: Shackleton's Endurance expedition captured on camera
11 April 2019Special Interest Day: Leonardo da Vinci - The Science of Art and the Art of Science
03 April 2019LONDON'S CHANGING SKYLINE: past, present, future
06 February 2019ISABELLA d'ESTE: the life and work of a truly cultured woman
05 December 2018DECK THE HALLS: Yuletide customs and traditions
07 November 2018TINTORETTO and the SCUOLA di ROCCO
25 October 2018Special Interest Day: 20th Century Gardens
03 October 2018FROM TROY TO MYCENAE: in search of Homer's heroes
05 September 2018Shock ! Horror ! Probe ! : the art and artifice of Fleet Street: a newspaper story in pictures.
04 July 2018An intoxicating cocktail: art, design and nightlife in 1920/30s Paris
20 June 2018Constable's great landscapes: materials and techniques used in oils 1820-30s
02 May 2018Votes for Women: art, suffragettes and female politicians
04 April 2018Appearing to advantage: the art of dining in Georgian England
28 March 2018Special Interest Day: Paintings Inspired by Music and Music Inspired by Paintings
07 March 2018Jan van Eyck: artist and ambassador
07 February 2018Imperial Purple to Denim Blue: the colourful history of textiles
10 January 2018In the Bleak Mid-winter: artists' responses to snow
06 December 2017A child of six could do it ! : cartoonists and modern art
01 November 2017Windsor: a castle restored
25 October 2017Special Interest Day Russian Art: from Royalty to Revolution
04 October 2017Fakes & Forgeries: the art of deception
06 September 2017The Impressionist Landscape, featuring Monet, Pissarro and Renoir
05 July 2017Duc de Berry and His Glorious Hours: 14th C and 15th C Flemish Illuminated Manuscripts
21 June 2017Velasquez: The Great Magician of Art
03 May 2017Mars and the Muses: The Renaissance Art of Armour
05 April 2017Rachel Whiteread: A Great British Sculptor
30 March 2017Chinese Imperial Court Life, Protocol and Costume (Qing Dynasty 1644-1911) - "Ruling with the Mandate of Heaven"
01 March 2017Benin Bronzes: Masterpieces of African Art, 16th-19th Centuries
01 February 2017New York, the Crucible of Modern Art (1940-1970) - Lecture 2: The First Postmodernists – Neo-Dada and American Pop
04 January 2017New York, the Crucible of Modern Art (1940-1970) - Lecture 1: The Triumph of Abstract Expressionism
07 December 2016Michael Harris - Mdina Glass and Isle of Wight Studio Glass
02 November 2016Calligeofiguresques - An Introduction to Islamic Art and Design
26 October 2016The Cleaning of Paintings and the Conservation of Frames
05 October 2016Georgia O’Keeffe in New Mexico
07 September 2016To the Far Side of the World: Captain Cook and the Enlightenment
06 July 2016The Hanseatic League: A Medieval European Union
22 June 2016Porcelain: Meissen / Sèvres / Chelsea
04 May 2016From Veneering to Marquetry (techniques on fine English wood furnishings 1675 to 1730)
06 April 2016The Intimate Art of Pierre Bonnard & Edouard Vuillard
02 March 2016The Bauhaus School in Germany 1919 - 1933
18 February 2016The Vitality and Beauty of Classical Greek Art and Architecture
03 February 2016Hieronymus Bosch and The Northern Imagination
06 January 2016Sharpening the Arches: How Romanesque Architecture Became Gothic
02 December 2015Giotto: The Legend and the Reality
04 November 2015Patience: Gilbert & Sullivan's Aesthetic Opera
21 October 2015The House of Tiffany
07 October 2015How To Look At Art
02 September 2015The Taste and Patronage of Louis XIV
01 July 2015Architectural Trompe L'oeil
17 June 2015Rembrandt: Portraitist, Storyteller and Landscape Artist
06 May 2015Sir Edwin Lutyens – The Architect with a Twinkle in His Eye
01 April 2015Elizabeth Frink: The Expressive Power of Bronze
04 March 2015Women Impressionists: Mary Cassatt and Berthe Morisot in Relation to Their Male Contemporaries
04 February 2015Thomas Heatherwick “the Leonardo da Vinci of our times” (Sir Terence Conran)
07 January 2015El Greco and Toledo
03 December 2014Cooking for Kings: The Life and Career of Antonin Carême
05 November 2014Photography as Fine Art
01 October 2014Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera: The Golden Age of Mexican Painting
03 September 2014Backstage at the Opera (how key operatic moments are created)
02 July 2014German Expressionism: Emotion versus Intellect
18 June 2014History of the Harp – from Mediterranean Antiquity to 20th Century Europe
07 May 2014Treasures of the Black Tent
02 April 2014Glasgow Boys and Scottish Colourists 1880 - 1930
05 March 2014Rescuing Zeugma from the Floodwaters of the Euphrates
05 February 2014Rene Lalique: Master Jeweller, Master Glassmaker
08 January 2014The Art of the Japanese Garden: From Tradition to Modernity
04 December 2013Abyssinia – 3000 Years of Ethiopian Art and History: From Solomon and Sheba to Haile Selassie
06 November 2013Paula Rego: Painting Women on the Edge, and Telling Tales of the Unexpected
02 October 2013A Great and Glorious Victory – Nelson at Trafalgar
04 September 2013Porcelain for the Chinese Emperors
03 July 2013Rubens and Antwerp
19 June 2013Man's Real Best Friend - Horses, Art and History
01 May 2013"Habitat Catalogued" (Terence Conran and his wide influence)
03 April 2013Lost on the Titanic: The Story of the Great Omar Binding
06 March 2013As if by Magic: The Secrets of Turner's Watercolour Techniques
06 February 2013Sir John Soane and Sir John Nash: Two Great Regency Rivals
09 January 2013The Punch and Judy Show (A Subversive Symbol from Commedia dell’Arte to the Present Day)
05 December 2012Reyntiens: Britain’s Leading Stained Glass Artist
07 November 2012Donatello and the Sculpture of the Renaissance
03 October 2012The Lunar Men: 18th C Philosophers in an Age of Discovery
05 September 2012Cambodia: The Sacred Art of Angkor and Living Arts
04 July 2012Frank Lloyd Wright - American Architect Supreme
20 June 2012In the wake of Handel - his cultural influence on a nation in words and music
02 May 2012Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst through the eyes of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose
04 April 2012John Opie - Cornish portrait painter 1761 - 1801
07 March 2012Thomas Chippendale and his Contemporaries
01 February 2012Gustav Klimt, Fin de Siecle sensualist, his Life and Work
04 January 2012Charles Dickens - His Life and Times
07 December 2011The Luttrell Psalter, a 14th century book decorated with the teeming life of rural Lincolnshire
02 November 2011The Festival of Britain and its Design Legacy
05 October 2011What has Glass done for us? The astonishing impact of glass on both our lives and those of our ancestors
07 September 2011King George III - the most cultured Monarch, Art Collector and friend of America
03 August 2011Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
06 July 2011Fitness for Purpose: Art and Design of the London Underground, preceded by the AGM
01 June 2011Bernard Leach and his influence on 20th Century Studio Ceramics
04 May 2011The Mosaics of Ravenna
06 April 2011What is Modern Art?
02 March 2011The Shakers of North America, their Beliefs, Architecture and Artifacts
02 February 2011English Impressionism - The Newlyn Colony
05 January 2011Fingal's Cave:Mendelssohn, Scott and Turner
03 November 2010Two London Factories:Chelsea and Bow - A Sudy in Contrasts
06 October 2010Home is where the Art is: the Renaissance Palace Interior
01 September 2010An Open Window to the Sea-Matisse on the Cote d'Azur
07 July 2010Wish You Were Here: The Seaside Holiday in Art
02 June 2010Francis Bacon-a 20th Century Master
05 May 2010Augustus John and Gwen John
07 April 2010The Splendours of the City Churches
03 March 2010Bohemians: Art and Fiction
03 February 2010The Two Faces of Russia: Moscow and St Petersburg
06 January 2010Thomas Moran-The Turner of the American West
02 December 2009Theatrical Personalities of the 20th Century
04 November 2009John Piper and Graham Sutherland-Two Great 20th century Painters
07 October 2009Epsom DFAS 20th ANNIVERSARY LECTURE 'Music on the Grand Tour'

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MAZARIN CHEST TO MADAME BUTTERFLY: the fashion for Japan in Europe Anne Haworth Wednesday 04 March 2020

We explore the fashion for lacquer screens, furniture and exquisite porcelain plus luxury objects collected by Queen Mary II, Madame de Pompadour and Marie Antoinette.  Woodblock prints, silk kimonos, samurai armour and decorative works of art flowed from Japan and inspired jewellers, ceramicists and painters.