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15 April 2020DRESSED TO IMPRESS: codes and messages in the language of clothes

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DRESSED TO IMPRESS: codes and messages in the language of clothes Mary Alexander Wednesday 15 April 2020

Regrettably it has been necessary to cancel this event on account of Coronavirus

Whatever the historical context, clothing and fashion have been used to denote wealth and status, or to differentiate between social groups and to display disaffection or affiliation, often interpreted though complex and subtle visual codes.  Through a wide ranging selection of historical and contemporary examples of male and female dress, paintings, portraits, photographs and advertisements, this two lecture SID will encourage new ways of interpreting these codes.

Lecture 1: 'Tools of the Devil' to 'Circles of Influence' - a 17thC-18thC overview

Lecture 2: 'Conspicuous Consumption' to 'Instagram Influencers' - a 19thC-early 20thC overview.

Tickets at £30 pp, including lunch, will be on sale again to members prior to our monthly lecture on Wednesday 8th April and non-member guests may also be invited.