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23 October 2019SICILY: the kingdom in the sun
11 April 2019Leonardo da Vinci
25 October 201820th Century Gardens
28 March 2018Paintings inspired by music and music inspired by paintings
25 October 2017Autumn Special Interest Day Russian Art: from royalty to revolution
30 March 2017Spring Special Interest Day: Chinese Imperial Court Life, Protocol and Costume (Qing Dynasty 1644-1911) - "Ruling with the Mandate of Heaven"
26 October 2016Autumn Special Interest Day: The Cleaning of Paintings and the Conservation of Frames
18 February 2016Spring Special Interest Day: The Vitality and Beauty of Classical Greek Art and Architecture
21 October 2015Autumn Special Interest Day: The House of Tiffany
26 March 2015Spring Special Interest Day: The Development of Ancient Egyptian Art from 4000 to 1000 BC
24 October 2014Autumn Special Interest Day: A Family Affair - Florence and the House of Medici
09 April 2014Spring Special Interest Day: Dresden - Its Art and Architecture
30 October 2013Autumn Special Interest Day: How Time Was Told Through the Ages
26 March 2013Spring Special Interest Day: Cities of Vesuvius - Art, Architecture and Everyday Life in Ancient Pompeii and Herculaneum
30 October 2012Autumn Special Interest Day: From Riches to Rags - The Huguenots of Spitalfields
24 March 2012Spring Special Interest Day: Iran - Land of Great Kings, Shahs and Ayatollahs
24 November 2011Autumn Special Interest Day: The Dollar Princesses - How American Women stormed the British Establishment
09 March 2011Afternoon of Special Interest: Master Workshop for Sutton Hoo
17 November 2010Autumn Special Interest Day: The Gilded Stage - a Social and Cultural History of Opera

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SICILY: the kingdom in the sun Jane Angelini Wednesday 23 October 2019

Sicily has been both a gateway and a crossroads attracting a long line of colonisers from the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs to the Normans and Spanish. Three lectures look at Sicily during the ancient and medieval periods especially the Greek temples and the beautifully preserved Roman Villa Casale, and the monuments from the Arab - Norman period when Palermo was the most intellectually active and artistically eclectic centre in Europe.

Tickets at £33 per person, including lunch, will be on sale to members immediately prior to our monthly lectures on Wednesday 4th September and Wednesday 2nd October.